Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Oscar-Claude Monet 9

Oscar-Claude Monet Paintings

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Bouquet of Sunflowers

Fruit Basket with Apples and Grapes

Spring Flowers

The Garden at Vetheuil

Two Vases with Chrysanthems

Flowers in a Pot

A Corner of the Garden at Montgeron

Girls in the Garden

The Iris Garden at Giverny

Flowers at Vetheuil

Jerusalem Artichokes

Still Life with Pears and Grapes


Christmas Roses

Iris at the Sea-Rose Pond

In the Garden

Still Life with Pears and Grapes

Irises and Water-Lilies

Vase of Chrysanthemums

Yellow Irises and Malva

Still Life With Bottles

Stilll Life with Anemones



Water Lilies

Water Lilies

White Azaleas in a Pot

Path through the Irises

Path through the Irises



Branch of Orange Bearing Fruit

Branch of Lemons

Branch of Lemons

Bed of Chrysanthemums

Basket of Graphes, Quinces and Pears

A Corner of the Studio

Water Lilies

Water Lilies and Agapanthus

Lilacs in the Sun

Yellow Irises with Pink Cloud

Jar Of Peaches


Agapanthus Flowers

Flowers in a Vase



Vase of Peonies

Yellow Irises

White Azaleas in a Pot

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